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GROUNDED teaches kids to funnel their negative habitual pattern surges down thru the nervous system and into the earth, and transform these surges into the higher energies of creativity, courage, compassion, strength,and connection. YOGA teaches kids and teens how to manage their body through alignment actions, and observe reactions and tendencies without judgment. LAUGHTER fuels our classes and reveals the silliness of kids' innate joyful nature that is often hidden within their hearts. ELEVATION is the surge of empowerment kids receive once Grounded in wisdom enough to serve others to do the same.

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    RCYS-AROUND-BLACK_75x75Upholding the integrity of yoga while making it accessible, desirable and beneficial to children makes this training program radically distinct.
    • Grounded is organically homegrown out of our passion to elevate yoga for children
    • Founded and created by experienced classroom teachers
    • Our program reflects multiple yoga lineages and diverse perspectives
    • We offer a step by step approach in your education toward certification
    • Our dynamic training fulfills the required 95 hours of study for RCYT designation with Yoga Alliance
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Is Dylan Disengaged? Let the Courts Decide.

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    Dylan Disengaged is accused of being "ungrounded".  Watch this riveting case unwind as his defense team desparately struggles to overcome an insurmountable pile of evidence to the contrary.  The relentless prosecution team comes at Dylan with full force, but thankfully the judge has a soft heart and believes every kid needs to be "grounded".  The actors in this production are all students of the Grounded program.


Grounded Elevator Pass


Increase Your Teaching Effectiveness with the Grounded Elevator Pass.  Lesson plans, instructional video's, templates for creating your own flyers, downloadable pose artwork, and so much more.  This material is continuously updated to ensure your subscription and your skills are up to date.

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Your Gift: Solid Ground Flow Clock to color {Download!}

Color in each pose so you know them by heart. Color with your breath.  Experience being on Solid Ground with our elevating first graders:

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Solid Ground Flow Clock

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